Nutritional Treatment for Lice
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"Lice are nature's scavengers. They live off the impurities in the blood."

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Lice infestation is associated with nutritional deficiencies and associated toxins in the bloodstream.

Before you decide that this theory is too absurd to be contemplated, let me explain.

Head lice, body lice, crabs or "nits" are tiny insect parasites which live off the blood. They can be very resistant to treatment, prone to making comebacks and can drive people absolutely crazy trying to figure out a way to eliminate them.

Also these days, not only do we have super bugs resistant to antibiotics, but super lice which are becoming resistant to chemical treatments.

What can be done?
Conventional Treatment for Lice
The conventional treatment is insecticides.
The bulk of websites follow the same general theme -- the lifecycle of the louse (which is all very interesting but may or may not be accurate), correct laundering techniques, use of nit combs, strategic use of insecticides and follow up treatments etc.

While this is all very well and good and undoubtedly has some effect on the little critters, a person can have their whole life totally taken over by these rituals without actually getting a lasting result.
Life can become a round of continually washing, watching out for sources of re-infestation and using copious amounts of insecticides with no lasting effects because they keep coming back, right?

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But aren't lice contageous...?

Yes, of course they are...
However, not every person is equally susceptible and some are actually immune.

The level of susceptibility to lice appears to be directly proportional to the level of calcium deficiency.

Lice are scavengers and live off
the impurities in the blood.

"Calcium sulphate is a blood purifier and cleanser and works to clean out the accumulations of non-functional organic matter in tissues and causes infiltrated parts to discharge their contents readily."
- The Biochemic Handbook

Therefore it would appear that calcium plays more of a role in the body than building healthy bones and teeth.

The Cellsalt cure: Calcium
Believe it or not, the solution is calcium supplements -- and often in rather large doses.
And forget all those supplementary treatments because they aren't necessary. As if by magic, the lice just disappear within a short time of taking a mega dose of calcium (somewhere between 5-10 grams). Some experimenting is necessary to find the right amount in each case.

Note - It can be surprising to find quite a large calcium deficiency where non was previously thought to exist.

However -
* The daily amount of calcium depends on the severity of the deficiency.

* Calcium supplements need to be kept up until the deficiency is eliminated.

* Calcium needs to be kept in balance with some other minerals.
See pages on The Calcium Story and Cell Salts.